Relief from Muscle Soreness


Who hasn’t at one time or another had sore muscles from strenuous exercise as a result of working or playing?

There is growing scientific evidence that muscle fatigue can be helped by adding Montmorency red tart cherries to your diet. In a clinical trial conducted on CherryFlex softgels by researchers at Winona State University in two separate double-blind studies, CherryFlex significantly altered muscle soreness in study participants.

CherryFlex speeds relief of muscle soreness following strenuous exercise. 

Tart cherries are available every day of the year in CherryFlex’s new line of whole fruit products in capsules, Red Tart Cherry Concentrate and the popular CherryFlex gel in a jar. Each of these options guarantees premium, USA-grown fruit without preservatives or artificial ingredients. Pure fruit for pure healthy goodness.