CherryFlex goes to Boston

Jeff Doroh is a big fan of CherryFlex and he’ll be packing it along when he runs in the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Doroh, 35, will be running his second Boston Marathon this year; his first was in 2014 and he finished in 3:14. He was aiming for a time under 3 hours and was a bit disappointed, but learned a lot from his first run.

“The downhills in the first half are tough,” he says. “It really gets to your hamstrings and quads.” He suffered from cramps shortly after Heartbreak Hill and ran the last half of the marathon slower because of that, he said.

And, as far as lessons go, he learned. This year, he trained on the “decline” option of the treadmill (since running in Michigan during the winter wasn’t a viable option) and feels better about those first-half hills. Doroh is a Michigan native, now living in Stevensville. He used to visit Traverse City, where CherryFlex is based, with his grandpa.

Part of Doroh’s training — a part that he tells lots of people about — is CherryFlex. Doroh takes Softgels daily, spreads gel on his toast in the morning and chugs a shot after a grueling workout.

“It makes for a quicker recovery,” he says. “In the past, I could be sore for a day or two after harder runs.” Now, with CherryFlex, he’s back out running the next day with no soreness. Doroh first found CherryFlex when looking into ways to decrease soreness and hasten recovery. He wanted to “make my muscles feel better,” and has been thrilled with the results he gets from CherryFlex.

Look for Jeff Doroh wearing Bib No. 1633 at the Boston Marathon on Patriot’s Day, April 17.