Take your BEST Shot: CherryFlex

The growing cycle, passed down through generational wisdom, can change from year to year. Good thing farmers are resilient people.

We rely on snow to protect the trees throughout the winter. Then buds, blossoms, fruit. It’s a 60-day time-worn tradition from blossoms to harvest, and one that we’re confident will result in delicious Montmorency red tart cherries.

Montmorency red tart cherries are a known superfruit, full of nutrients and healthy goodness, but they’re only available fresh three weeks a year. That’s why so many people rely on CherryFlex to relieve muscle soreness, keep joints healthy and help with sleep all year long.

If you haven’t discovered the goodness of CherryFlex, now is the time. Just like hibernating animals, people are waking up from sedentary months of little activity…and with it come sore muscles.

Let CherryFlex help, using Mother Nature’s whole fruit goodness for a healthier lifestyle!