Big Benefits from Cherries All Winter Long


Healthy living is a big topic on our minds in the middle of winter, as the flu season rages across the country. Are you doing all you can to stay healthy? Some of the best things you can do are to get enough rest and to eat healthy – along with constantly washing those hands, of course! We at CherryFlex want to help in your quest for healthy living, by reminding you of the benefits of our products.

Nature worked her magic in creating the humble yet powerful red tart cherry. We haven’t tinkered with the cherry’s inherent goodness, we’ve simply harnessed the benefits for you. CherryFlex products retain the health benefits of cherries by keeping all the nutrients found inside the skin and pulp.

CherryFlex helps maintain a healthy sleep cycle when taken regularly. Melatonin is naturally occurring in cherries, and much scientific research has been done studying Montmorency red tart cherries and the melatonin they provide. Studies have found that including Montmorency red tart cherries in your diet regularly will help regulate circadian rhythms, which trigger sleep. Taken regularly, CherryFlex products can help you in your search for better, longer and more restful sleep. Over 10 percent of the American population is chronically sleep-deprived, but you don’t need to be one of them!

The winter cold creeps into joints, but with the power of cherries working for you, sore joints can be a thing of the past. CherryFlex products help maintain healthy joint function, and relieve muscle soreness as well. It’s all due to CherryFlex’s exclusive process using whole fruit conversion technology. This keeps the cherry’s phytonutrients intact without adding preservatives, fillers, coloring and without using high temperatures and harsh solvents. CherryFlex is all-natural and uses only the best, U.S. grown cherries.

We’ve done the research and made the products, making it easy for you to tackle winter’s chills and ills. Enjoy the best of winter and its beauty with outdoor exercise, feeling great and knowing CherryFlex is working to keep you healthy and feeling rested!