Capturing the health benefits of fresh fruit on a year-round basis became the goal for CherryFlex.  Through research, experimentation and numerous iterations of product prototypes, a unique fruit production method was developed over a five-year period.

The result is an innovative means of converting whole fruit into a form that includes the skin and pulp, which scientific research has shown is where the antioxidants and anthocyanins are found. Clinical studies confirm that the main nutritional value is in the dark color pigmentation and the thin layer close to the fruit’s surface.

CherryFlex products — as well as the entire line of all natural fruit products — are made from whole fruit without preservatives, fillers, additives, coloring or the use of harsh solvents. The company selects only premium USA-grown fruit for all its products.


Without extracting, adding to or changing the natural composition, these super fruits’ inherent properties remain the same. Besides the pit, the only property removed from the fruit is moisture.

First introduced to the nutraceutical market in 1999, Montmorency tart cherry wafers evolved to CherryFlex — the only fruit softgel on the market today using this exclusive whole fruit conversion technology. Now the process is used for an array of super fruits for food products in softgels, extra strength fruit gel, and fruit concentrates using tart cherries.

A versatile product with many uses is the Red Tart Cherry Concentrate – great in dressings, as a marinade and in cool fruit smoothies. A delicious cherry flavor that maximizes the potency of condensed Montmorency tart cherries, it’s tart, great tasting and good for you!

Ongoing research, innovation, and testing will assure this preservation and access year-round to the importance of whole fruit.