CherryFlex  —  Made with Whole Fruit!

CherryFlex is an industry leader of natural, all fruit food products promoting health living for people and their companion animals.

Manufactured using a proprietary production method, CherryFlex products maximize the skin and pulp of the Montmorency Red Tart Cherry to deliver antioxidants without extracting or using powders, fillers or solvents.

Our goal is to manufacture unique products that offer best-of-class benefits, a quality that distinguishes CherryFlex from all others.



Cherry SoftgelsCherryFlex Softgels

Premium Montmorency red tart cherries that are USA grown are selected for our top-selling softgels.   Scientific research continues to show that CherryFlex maintains healthy joints, helps speed relief of sore muscles and contains melatonin to maintain normal sleep cycles. The same whole fruit paste can be found in another softgel product using dark-skinned superfruits: Wild Blueberry IQ softgels.

NEW FORMULA!  Whole Fruit Gel JarNEW FORMULA! Whole Fruit Gel Jar

Each delicious spoonful offers the benefits of Montmorency red tart cherries in a convenient jar.  Simply keep refrigerated and enjoy the taste of tart cherries year round. The tasty whole fruit gel is a delicious way to help meet your daily fruit requirement while enjoying all the health benefits.

CherryFlex Red Tart Cherry ConcentrateCherryFlex Red Tart Cherry Concentrate

Mix this condensed syrupy all fruit liquid into your favorite beverage, sauces, toppings and smoothies or enjoy the tart flavor by the spoonful. You’ll be treated to a healthy serving of tart cherries using Mother Nature’s formula. No preservatives or additives — just premium-grade, USA-grown fruit.

Wild Blueberry IQ Softgels

Wild Blueberry IQ® is a whole fruit food product made from USA-grown wild blueberries. Called the “smart berry,” this dark-skinned superfruit has been the subject of a growing number of clinical studies due to its antioxidant content. Underwood Orchards has been manufacturing wild blueberry products for over 12 years and, like all their products, it contains the entire berry including the skin, not just the pressed juice from the fruit.