Montmorency red tart cherries — also known as sour cherries — have long had a reputation as a healthy, functional super fruit. Only within the past decade has the science on this nutritional fruit begun to catch up with the anecdotal evidence that tart cherries are a healthy addition to people’s diets.
A growing body of scientific research backs the long-held belief that tart cherries are good for you. These findings confirm that Montmorency red tart cherries have naturally-occuring antioxidants, including anthocyanins, the pigments that are credited for the fruit’s bright red color typically found in the skin and pulp. The substantial number of studies being conducted on red tart cherries and cherry juice is expected to continue to climb, as people look for natural ways to improve their lives.
It is important to note that fresh tart cherries are available only three weeks of the year, but are available year-round as dried, frozen, in juice and juice concentrate form. Tart cherries are naturally fat-free, low in sodium, naturally gluten-free, and provide phytonutrients along with key vitamins and minerals.
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